Author: Aliya

18th May 2020
Ultimate work from home productivity tool - ClickUp review

ClickUp is a project management and productivity platform that includes everything you need to efficiently organize and manage any kind of project.

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9th May 2020
Forget Degiro, we moved on to investing on Trading 212

Trading212 - possibly the best European app with commission-free trading and investing. Intuitive, useful, user-friendly!

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19th November 2019
Monese - open UK/EUR fintech account from your phone

Let's explore another great fintech app - Monese. Open UK/EUR account from your phone in minutes - no credit check or proof of address needed

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19th November 2019
Top equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe

Invest in what you believe in and support innovation with a possibility to gain profit. Here are top equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe!

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23rd October 2019
Investment in real estate with no money for Europeans

Real estate is one of the best investments you can make. Here are top platforms, where you can invest without a down payment.

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15th October 2019
Trading with Revolut - commission free trading starting with $1

Revolut has recently launched a possibility to invest in American stocks inside the app. Let's check it out!

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10th October 2019
How were phone country codes actually assigned?

We often call abroad and dial telephone country codes, but where did they come from and what's the logic behind them?

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4th October 2019
Not only Duolingo: top free apps for learning languages

Most people are learning languages using Duolingo or Babbel. But there are so many other cool apps worth trying out! We have prepared a list of apps you might find useful and keep it as either your main app or an additional app for learning a language. Click on the header for each app to […]

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23rd September 2019
This is how programming looked like for a woman in USSR

A lot of young people have a feeling as if IT was something very new and appeared very recently. In fact, I've met people, who doubted that there are old programmers. However, programming is here for quite some time.

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1st August 2019
Secure Gmail alternative - how to get full privacy

Looking for a secure, ad-free email service provider?‚Äč Check out this great alternative to Gmail

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