Author: Aliya

27th July 2019
Ninety Nine investment app - first peek

Our first impression of beta version of Ninety Nine zero commission investment app for Europeans - how does it look?

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21st June 2019
Everything you need to know about Libra - Facebook cryptocurrency

There has been a lot of fuss around Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra. Do you want to understand it well? Read our nice and short review!

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7th June 2019
Top 4 task management apps

Best task management apps: Trello, Asana, Zenkit and Nuclino​. Take project management to the next level.

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1st June 2019
Online courses review: Coursera, edX, Udemy

Have you ever dreamt about getting education from world’s top universities or at least having a peek at their courses?

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20th May 2019
All-in-one card: Curve App review

What is Curve? It is an app, where you can store all of your cards (including Revolut) and get the one-card-to-simulate-them-all.

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16th March 2019
Best investment apps in Europe

Do you have some savings you are ready to invest somewhere, but don’t know how? It's easy! Check out these apps for Europeans.

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13th March 2019
Are survey apps worth your time?

There are a lot of articles about how you can earn money with surveys. Here is a realistic review of whether surveys are worth it.

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8th March 2019
Revolut vs N26

Do you like traveling? Are you tired of paying for currency exchange? See our review of two fintech services: Revolut and N26

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