Author: David Parys

26th March 2020
COVID-19 Relief Resources in USA for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner like us, the current COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing is probably not easy for you. The U.S. government has been releasing funds to help businesses and deal with the economic crisis. We have put together a list of relief assistances you can apply for depending on the state […]

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5th January 2020
JetBrains Space - Alternative to Slack? Not Yet

The integrated team management app - Jetbrains Space, released its first public beta couple of weeks ago. A promising alternative to Slack? We have tried it, this is our opinion. What is Jetbrains Space? Long story short, it's basically an app, online or on platforms, that allows you to cooperate with your teammates. This application […]

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30th November 2019
5 Reasons why we switched from Yoast SEO to Rankmath

Rankmath is an SEO analysis tool for WordPress, makes your life much better for referencing and generating organic traffic.

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13th August 2019
Google SiteKit - Google Dashboard for WordPress

Have you ever wondered which page can best perform in terms of views? This is probably why you installed Google Analytics, however to get this little information it can take quite some time. What Google SiteKit offers you is simply to centralize the information from Google platforms into one all within WordPress.

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2nd August 2019
TensorFlow - Simple overview for beginners

To put it simply, TensorFlow is an open-source Google's machine learning framework, using data flow graphs for numerical computation. One of the most popular and used so far. It has a lot of tools and features helping you in data management and data visualization.

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27th June 2019
Top 15 Plugins - Enhancing & Upgrading your WordPress [2019]

Wordpress is a powerful CMS, but without its plugins it's a bit difficult to make it work how we want to.These couple of plugins will help!

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23rd June 2019
E-commerce Tracking on Google Analytics

Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates.

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11th June 2019
Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative

CODA.IO is a smart documents manager that adapts to your ideas and projects. There is no limit.

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12th April 2019
Import a conversion to Google Ads

Importing goals on Google ads will be useful if you ever use a smart campaign that will track users who have converted. Additionally, you will be able to see from which source the users are coming from and which Google Ads Campaign. Import Goal Home page of Analytics Top right corner Tools > Conversions. In […]

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5th April 2019
Track Events on Analytics

In this tutorial we will take a look on how to put a tracking code on our website for a specific action.

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