4th October 2019
Not only Duolingo: top free apps for learning languages

Most people are learning languages using Duolingo or Babbel. But there are so many other cool apps worth trying out! We have prepared a list of apps you might find useful and keep it as either your main app or an additional app for learning a language. Click on the header for each app to […]

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23rd September 2019
This is how programming looked like for a woman in USSR

A lot of young people have a feeling as if IT was something very new and appeared very recently. In fact, I've met people, who doubted that there are old programmers. However, programming is here for quite some time.

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13th August 2019
Google SiteKit - Google Dashboard for WordPress

Have you ever wondered which page can best perform in terms of views? This is probably why you installed Google Analytics, however to get this little information it can take quite some time. What Google SiteKit offers you is simply to centralize the information from Google platforms into one all within WordPress.

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2nd August 2019
TensorFlow - Simple overview for beginners

To put it simply, TensorFlow is an open-source Google's machine learning framework, using data flow graphs for numerical computation. One of the most popular and used so far. It has a lot of tools and features helping you in data management and data visualization.

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1st August 2019
Secure Gmail alternative - how to get full privacy

Looking for a secure, ad-free email service provider?‚Äč Check out this great alternative to Gmail

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27th July 2019
Ninety Nine investment app - first peek

Our first impression of beta version of Ninety Nine zero commission investment app for Europeans - how does it look?

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27th June 2019
Top 15 Plugins - Enhancing & Upgrading your WordPress [2019]

Wordpress is a powerful CMS, but without its plugins it's a bit difficult to make it work how we want to.These couple of plugins will help!

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23rd June 2019
E-commerce Tracking on Google Analytics

Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates.

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21st June 2019
Everything you need to know about Libra - Facebook cryptocurrency

There has been a lot of fuss around Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra. Do you want to understand it well? Read our nice and short review!

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11th June 2019
Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative

CODA.IO is a smart documents manager that adapts to your ideas and projects. There is no limit.

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