Are survey apps worth your time?

Recently I was interested in possible ways to get some side income. There are many videos on YouTube, which show “easy ways to earn money online without getting up from your couch”. That sounded good to me, so I decided to try some.

Now I did try to write some texts for some websites as a freelancer a long time ago and that didn’t work out well - after writing around 20 texts I only earned a bit over $1.

This time I decided to try apps, which promise you side income by participating in surveys, which didn’t sound bad. There is a bigger choice in the USA, but I am living in Europe, so my choices were quite limited.

Most videos on YouTube and articles in blogs about additional income mention apps or websites, which offer paid surveys, as a good source of side income. I decided that it would be good to make a realistic review instead.

I would like to provide short information about several apps I tried and I will sum it up in the end by saying whether it was worth or not. Spoiler alert: no, but here is why.

GlobalTestMarket website

Are survey apps worth your time? - Scientia


  • Probably is the most famous
  • There are actually good tests about interesting purchase habits/companies/products
  • Tests are available pretty often
  • Have a quarterly lottery, where you can win a nice amount of money


  • You earn in points, so you don’t have a clear understanding of what you earn right away
  • Design is not the most user-friendly
  • A lot of surveys cannot be opened on phones
  • The pay is quite low and it takes quite a while to earn the minimum to withdraw the amount


Are survey apps worth your time? - Scientia


  • Looks pretty trustworthy and it is well-known
  • Minimum to withdraw - only 2 euros


  • Not many tests available
  • Takes a while to earn even 2 euros
  • I managed to earn 2 euros and they said it is going to take 2-4 weeks for me to receive them


Are survey apps worth your time? - Scientia
  • Very easy and user-friendly. I actually like interacting with this chatbot-like app
  • No minimum to withdraw
  • You get paid for each test very quickly! I just wish there were more surveys there

So far this has been the best experience with this kind of apps. If you're interested, please use my referral code 5331JL at streetbees. This post is not sponsored by them.

My iyo

Are survey apps worth your time? - Scientia
  • You need to earn $20 to withdraw
  • Hard to get any surveys (maybe for me)
  • Hard to collect $20

After waiting for a while for anything to be available to me, I decided that this is not going to work out. With that pace, I could earn enough to withdraw in maybe a year or so.

Gananci (Votechimp)

Are survey apps worth your time? - Scientia

I was so excited about this app because I was earning money very fast. Turned out it was too good to be true - unfortunately, this app is a scam. I didn't see any articles mentioning this fact, so decided to include it here.

Make money

Are survey apps worth your time? - Scientia

This one is not paying for surveys, but for installing and playing mobile games, but I decided to include it here. It was very buggy, didn’t count any money and doesn’t look trustworthy at all. I might be wrong.


Despite many YouTubers mentioning survey apps as a way to earn money online, I think it is actually a waste of time.
It takes too much time to earn enough to withdraw and it is impossible to earn anything substantial, especially if you live in a high-income country.

In my opinion, your time could be spent on something more valuable instead and these options shouldn’t be considered as a side income. And I wanted to write an article about it because there are just too many sources mentioning taking surveys as a good way to earn extra money.

Please let me know if you disagree and share your experience in comments, I would appreciate it!

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