Best investment apps in Europe

Do you have some savings you are ready to invest somewhere but don’t know how?

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to invest in stocks of companies and in trading. You can do that using some great applications! And this way you can invest as little as $100. Investment has become accessible to everyone.

However, there are so many apps, a lot of them either don’t seem trustworthy or charge crazy fees. Another problem that I had was that most useful apps for investment (and the most famous ones) are only available in the USA: Robinhood, Betterment, M1 Finance. These are suggestions I kept seeing in videos and articles. I couldn’t find an article, which would specifically target European residents, who really want to start investing. I wanted to find something just like Robinhood! I hope they will expand to Europe soon.

It is good to mention right away that I did not manage to find an app, which would be as great as Robinhood. If you know any that I will not mention - please recommend one in comments, I would really appreciate it.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional investor and I am not familiar with all the terms. This review is prepared from a perspective of a complete beginner, who wanted to see her savings grow.

Here are two apps I ended up using:



I am using Degiro to build a long-term portfolio, investing very conservatively, choosing companies, which pay dividends.


  • Low fees for stock trading (but depends on where you live. Not that cheap for Poland)
  • Customer support is available in many languages
  • Properly regulated
  • They are growing fast and developing their tools and services


  • The app is not very user-friendly and still needs improvements
  • I found out that they actually lend shares of their clients to other investors to decrease costs
  • You still need to pay for converting if you’re not topping up your account in euro and then you have to pay each time you invest in shares

See their full price list here.
You can register here.


Best investment apps in Europe - Scientia

eToro is great if you have no idea about investing and if you don’t really feel like putting too much effort into it. It is perfect for people, who understand that investing is important for financial independence but are not excited about spending much time on it. It is a social trading platform: you can copy a successful investor and see your money grow.

This comfort comes at a price though - eToro has high fees. Also, it takes some time to find a good investor to copy. I chose good ones twice, but the third time I lost my money.

You can register on eToro here.


  • Possibility to copy an investor and forget about serious research. Popular investors keep you updated and you have access to see what they are trading
  • Easy virtual trading platform for training (really recommend doing that first)
  • Very user-friendly, easy to use platform. They have a good app and a good website
  • An opportunity to be copied if you are very good at investing. This means additional earnings
  • Well regulated


  • High fees in my opinion
  • I am still confused about their fee structure. What are pips anyway? Read their documentation about fees here
  • I think the amount of documents they require for identification purposes is too big and you have to regularly update those documents to confirm your identity again and again

Special mention - Ninety nine

Ninety-nine investment app

I don’t have access to it yet, they haven’t fully launched their app, but I am on their long waiting list. From what I heard, it’s going to be the European version of Robinhood and it’s going to be awesome. Hopefully, it will as amazing as I think it will be, so sign up for the waiting list, guys!


I believe that investing plays an important part in building wealth. We are lucky to have easy access with relatively low risk and low fees to investing in whatever we want. But please remember to learn about investing strategies first!

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