Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative

Recently, I was looking for a task manager that could also serve me as a CRM for my colleagues. And then I found, which is much more than a simple task manager, it can adapt to all my needs in my projects. Thanks to connections, I can, for example, use Gmail with automation, I can send daily e-mails to my colleagues without me actually pressing the send button

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What is Coda.IO?

CODA.IO is a smart document manager that adapts to your ideas and projects. Coda can be used in different ways, product launch, client manager, thanks to their functions, there is no limit.

Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia

How can it be useful

Imagine Coda a canvas on which you can draw tables, that can also be dynamic and grouped on the same platform.

That platform adapts to your needs, do you need to inform your client on a task? No problem. Need to manage your budget easily and retrieve dynamically information from somewhere else?

Usable as a mobile application

It is very easy to use it on your mobile phone, all you create from the computer will be responsively shown in the mobile application and will be working on it.

Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia
Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia

Pros and cons

  • A lot of functionalities
  • Perfect for Sheets/Excel adepts
  • Flexible, can adapt to hundreds of different ideas
  • There is an adaptation period with a lot to learn on the different interfaces
  • Sadly, there is no possibility to connect any external API yet, though we can use Zapier for connections and the different available packs.


Currently, your entire team can use all of Coda's features, absolutely free. We haven't yet created a pricing structure. But rest assured that:

There will always be a free version - we think this is critical for the breadth of adoption we would like; we will give a lot of notice before introducing a paid tier


The main difference with Sheets/Excel, is the possibility of using functions which are usable anywhere in the docs or tables. You can call functions anywhere anytime without any limits.

That's why it makes very powerful, the limits are drawn where your knowledge about programming stops.

To call a function, all you need to do is type = anywhere and start looking for functions.


Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia

What Coda calls packs is the fact of connecting external applications such as Gmail or Intercom, adding new functions to our programming kit.

Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia
Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia

By activating a pack, you unlock new functionalities within the app, you will be able to mix different packs with different actions but also different packs with other packs, giving you thousands of different options.

Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia


Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia
Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia

Automation allows to launch a task based on certain conditions such as time or button press for example.

You will be able, if needed, to launch a daily task that will check if certain conditions are fulfilled. For example, sending a daily e-mail to your team, summing the tasks that have been done and the ones that are to finish.

Coda.IO - A powerful Docs alternative - Scientia


Yes! Finally! An app that allows you to do so many things! The application is full of things, receiving updates very often. I am waiting for connecting external APIs such as Facebook so I can retrieve some posts.

This task manager/powerful doc editor/CRM is perfect for small projects but is also scalable for your needs.

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