Google Analytics Set Up Guide

Google Analytics is basically a statistics application that allows you to keep track of statistics and visitor traffic of websites and mobile applications. With Google Analytics, you can see where users come from and you can see which pages they've viewed. You can also see your income with E-commerce features, even you can make a detailed analysis based on the product and you can determine your advertising strategy according to these reports.

What should I do to use Google Analytics?

You must have a Google account before you start using Google Analytics. If you don't have a Google account, you can immediately create it by clicking here. If you have created a Google account, or you already have a Google account, go to the Google Analytics official website to log in with your Google account.

I will use it for the first time

If you use Google Analytics for the first time, you should click the "Sign-up" button on the screen below

Google Analytics Set Up Guide - Scientia
Homepage of Google Analytics

After clicking the "Register" button you will see the form below

Google Analytics Set Up Guide - Scientia
Register your website

After carefully filling the register form, press the `get tracking ID` button and after reading the GDPR you need to accept. You will be automatically forwarded to the tracking ID page after you accept the GDPR.

google analytics kurulumu 2. adim

Now just copy the tracking ID that you have and paste it immediately after open the <head> tag on all pages of your website

google analytics kurulumu 3. adim
Getting the tracking ID code

Verify that the tracking code is working

To verify that the tracking code is working, visit your website and verify that your visit has been saved in Real-Time Analysis reports.

Google Analytics Set Up Guide - Scientia
The homepage of Analytics once the tracking code works
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