Google SiteKit - Google Dashboard for WordPress

What is it?

Managing the success of a website can sometimes be complicated. Publishers and website owners should have quick and easy access to the knowledge and skills that can help your audience grow.

So I decided to introduce you to Google SiteKit, which is a free plugin on WordPress that will allow you to access all the necessary information in one place. This allows publishers, owners and even designers to have digestible information in one place.

What does it do?

Have you ever wondered which page can best perform in terms of views? This is probably why you installed Google Analytics, however, to get this little information it can take quite some time. What Google SiteKit offers you is simply to centralize the information from Google platforms into one all within WordPress.

With Google Site Kit installed, WordPress users can access unified insights and Google product capabilities directly from the WordPress admin panel. Where it is helpful, Google SiteKit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities.

In addition, if you use more than Google Analytics, you will be able to analyze and use other platforms such as:

  • Search Console: Learn how users discover your content on Google Search (organic traffic).
  • Analytics: Understand how users navigate your site.
  • AdSense: Set up AdSense and monitor your earnings - Possibility to let Google SiteKit install AutoAds for you.
  • PageSpeed Insights: Identify critical performance optimizations for your site (lighthouse).
  • Optimize: See which A/B tests are performing better.
  • Tag manager: Useful for debugging tags (still not 100% functional).


Take note!
Make sure to disable any Ads blocker in order to fully follow the installation process such as AdBlock especially for AdSense setup.

As of today, the plugin is not yet available on the WordPress Store. Though you can download the Github project that you can directly upload to your WordPress directory.

The plugin has been officially released on the WordPress Store

Note that this is still a BETA, there will be bugs!

The installation process is quite tricky as there is a lot of bugs, you will probably have to restart some steps, but there is nothing difficult just follow the steps on the screen, there is a lot of accounts to connect (mainly your Google ones). Download the Github project from the button bellow

Upload the full content to your FTP (wp-content/plugins) or through a WordPress plugin installation

Activate the plugin from your Plugins.

Be careful, to install this plugin you will need to have a WordPress version >= 4.7 and a PHP version >= 5.4

Download Google SiteKit (Direct)

Download Google SiteKit (Github)


Info in two clicks

The dashboard allows you to quickly see interesting data from your Website.

The different reports have also a direct link to the Google Analytics report.

You will be able to see:

  • Which channel users are coming from
  • Which posts are performing better
  • Which natural (organic) keywords are performing the best through the Search Console results
  • How fast your page loads and if there is a loading issue on some pages
  • How much you can earn with AdSense

It is possible to search for a post and check individual details and statistics for this post. This will provide you details on how to enhance your Google Ads Strategy.

Google SiteKit - Google Dashboard for WordPress - Scientia

Overall if you are an information maniac or just curious how things get in the background, this tool will be very helpful.

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