Ninety Nine investment app - first peek

We have already mentioned Ninety Nine in our review of investment apps for Europeans here. They have released an initial version, where you can trade with virtual money to get some taste of the app. Let's see how it looks like!

Before we go into details - what is Ninety Nine?

Ninety Nine is an investment start-up from Spain, promising zero commission trading. They are working on bringing investment opportunities to all Europeans and eliminating heavy fees for investing. It will allow investing in European and American stocks. Users will get access to the NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, Euronext, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Borse, Six Swiss Exchange and many more. As of 27/07/2019, they have only released a version with virtual money, so you could train beforehand.

How does it look?

My first impression was that Ninety Nine app looks very pretty. The UI design is nice and clean, I kept comparing it to Degiro, which is great, but confusing. You can easily understand how to use the app and how to invest.


The homepage contains your portfolio - your shares, your money - invested or not and tips. Tips are particularly cool because you can learn some important details of investing and they are written in a very clear way.
You can also see a graph, which shows how your portfolio's value is changing over time. You can see that I managed to gain 60 euros already! Too bad they're virtual.

Ninety Nine homepage
Ninety Nine homepage

Overview of your money

If you click on the button in the lower right corner you can switch to an overview of your money. There you can see how much you invested, how much is available and how much is pending (pending for a buy order execution). Also, you can see a history of your transactions.

Ninety Nine transactions
Ninety Nine transactions

Collections and favourites

By clicking on a button in the middle of the navigation bar, you can see shares collections and favourites (if you have any). Ninety Nine has prepared many collections of companies that might be interesting. You can see companies, which are or have been part of Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) portfolio, social networks, gaming companies, etc. Moreover, there are collections for Top losers and Top gainers. Additionally, this is the page, where you can save and keep track of all of your favourite companies.

If collections are not enough for you, there is a search icon in the upper right corner, so you're free to search for any company you like.

Company descriptions, buying and selling

When you open a company profile, you can read about this company, see how their share value has changed over time on a graph, check what is the prediction about the share value according to some analysts (I couldn't find out which exactly analysts, so I wouldn't trust this data much) and key statistics. In my opinion, available statistics are very detailed and you can get all the important data to help you make a decision.

Buying and selling is very easy, just click on a respective button, choose the amount and swipe up to submit. Your order will be executed very quickly (if the market is open). That's it!

Slider image
Slider image
Slider image
Slider image
Slider image

Help, terms and conditions, FAQ

If you're interested in reading more about Ninety Nine or contact their customer support, you can do so by click on an icon on the upper left corner of the homepage. I have no experience with contacting their customer support, so cannot say whether their service is good or bad.

Ninety Nine help
Ninety Nine help

How will Ninety Nine earn money?

According to their FAQ, they plan to have two accounts: basic and premium. Also, they will earn from interest, lending, currency exchange. They will provide zero commission trading by cutting out middlemen and automating services as much as they can.

Good things

  • Zero commission trading
  • Great UI
  • One free welcome share (max value 50 euro)
  • Investment tips for beginners (see all courses here)
  • Per Ninety Nine, they value security: "Your investments will be covered for up to 100.000€ through a separate guarantee fund."

What is still missing (in my opinion)

  • Most importantly, fine print. I want to read about every single detail to know what potential drawbacks are and for now there is no full transparency
  • "My profile" view with settings and possibility to see my followers and whom I follow
  • "My portfolio" view is missing information about the price at which I purchased a share, whether there are dividends (and how much) coming up and how many shares of a company I own. Also, the graph (all graphs in the app in general) is not detailed enough
  • Possibility to share comments/some kind of a forum in the app


Ninety Nine still has a lot to do before they fully launch. My first impression is overall positive, but I would like to read more about how they work, as there is not much information available now. If they succeed, Europeans will finally have access to easy investments - literally anyone in the EU will be able to start their journey with trading. Hopefully, Ninety Nine will manage to keep up with everything they have promised. So, if you currently reside in Europe, nothing stops you from trying it with virtual money and decide for yourself.

Please share your opinion about Ninety Nine in comments below, we would really appreciate any input!

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