Secure Gmail alternative - how to get full privacy

Lately, the question of privacy and data security was discussed a lot and there seems to be a lot of concern regarding this topic (Facebook, FaceApp, Alexa). People generally like the service they receive, but they also don't like the idea of giving away their data. Where is the bliss point for privacy and comfort? 

Google collects a lot of user data (mostly with their consent) in order to improve their services. Google apps are wonderfully interconnected, ads are incredibly relevant, photos can be searched through with useful keywords. Personally, I like having this comfort and I like getting relevant ads. Actually, I stumbled upon many great things because of such ads. However, I understand that the majority of users are not so happy and people need an alternative.

So for Google Chrome and Google search engine, the alternatives are clear, at least for me. I would go for the Tor browser (or at least Mozilla) and DuckDuckGo. If you don't know about DuckDuckGo, check them out - they do not track your actions, don't promote certain content they like over other content and generally let you use their service without limiting your privacy. However, your search results are not optimized because of that either, so you might end up looking through pages of search results.

Nevertheless, here is a review of a nice ad-free secure email service provider.


Tutanota was created in Germany and its developers claim that their email service is the most secure encrypted email service in the world. No one can get access to your emails, not even developers.

To me, the design looks a bit like a simplified version of Outlook. But it does its job - it's clear, simple to use and it's not invasive. Tutanota even has an encrypted calendar if you want to keep your events secure.


  • Encrypted emails
  • Encrypted calendar
  • Open source - check their Github repository here
  • Easy to use on any device
  • Ad-free, full privacy
  • For business - possibility to whitelist their service and adjust it to your corporation
  • Secure contact form for websites


  • One user
  • 1 GB storage
  • Tutanota domains only
  • Limited search

  • Each additional user: €1.20/month
  • 1 GB storage
  • Custom domains
  • Unlimited search
  • 5 aliases
  • Inbox rules
  • Support via email
  • Add user (€2.40)
  • 10 GB storage
  • Custom domains
  • Unlimited search
  • 20 aliases
  • Inbox rules
  • Priority support
  • Custom domain login
  • Custom logo and colors
  • Contact forms (€24)

These prices are for private users. On top of that, they have offers for businesses, possibility to increase storage for additional cost and possibility to increase the amount of aliases. See their full price list here.

Final thoughts

I was surprised how much I liked Tutanota because I am so used to Gmail. In fact, I am thinking about using it as well as my additional mailbox. It has a very simple clean design and I like the idea of having my emails, contacts and calendar events encrypted. Also, I like supporting the open-source community, so I recommend trying it out - the basic version is for free anyway.

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