Forget Degiro, we moved on to investing on Trading 212

Trading 212 is a commission-free trading platform registered in the UK and in Bulgaria. It is one of the most popular trading and investing apps in the world! We have tried their mobile app and here is what we think.

In short: it's probably one of the best options in Europe, especially if you reside in Switzerland, where Revolut Trading is not available and if you're not rich enough for investing with UBS or with some private wealth management company.

Get a free share

If you are a resident of one of the following countries: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or The Netherlands, you can use our referral link to get a free share upon registration. Full terms can be found here.

Mobile App

You can switch between two types of trading any time:

  • Trading 212 Invest: Free investing in Real Stocks and ETFs. No commission, no fees, no limits.
  • Trading 212 CFD: Active Trading with Leverage. Zero commission, tight spreads.

Since most of our audience is satisfied with the basic features of stock and ETF investments, we will focus mainly on Trading 212 Invest.

The very first thing that you notice is how great the UI is. The navigation menu, categories of companies and tools, graphs, search and details - everything is very intuitive and pleasant to use. It is very beginner-friendly and you can start investing very quickly!

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However, there were a few weird things that we noticed. First of all, I did not have
a button visible for ID verification or proof of address and it was not necessary until after I deposited money. Thus, you are prompted to deposit money and then you get information that your deposited money will appear only after you verify your ID and address. While they are verifying that, the money is already taken from your card, but not deposited to your Trading 212 account.

Also, I am starting to be concerned about the number of apps that store my ID and passport images.

Revolut is not accepted on their app, but the Transferwise card worked, so I recommend using that. If you do not have a Transferwise account, you can create one here.
I went through the trouble of signing up for Skrill payment provider, added as an option on Trading 212 only to find out that they take a 1% fee for each transaction. So, I do not advise using Skrill because you can deposit for free via other methods.

After you deposit funds, you might need to go through a card verification, which, in my opinion, should be performed before depositing any funds, but I guess it works differently here.


  • Economic calendar
  • Price alerts
  • Robo trading with ProQuant
  • Deposit schedule
  • Reports
  • Access to API
  • Educational videos


Trading 212 is not available in the USA and Canada.

Payment methods

All kinds of payment methods are accepted: debit and credit card payments, bank transfers, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Skrill.
Revolut is not accepted, but Transferwise and N26 went through.

Trading terms

See trading terms for Invest and CFD products here.

Safety and compliance

All clients’ funds are kept separately in segregated bank accounts and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, FSCS (Trading 212 UK Ltd.), which can pay up to £85 000 to each investor.

Trading 212 is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA. The company has been profitable every single year since its founding 16 years ago and received many positive reviews. Also, they claim to regularly perform penetration testing on their platform to ensure high cybersecurity protection level and protect sensitive data.


  • Great UI
  • Zero commission
  • Many companies and tools to choose from
  • No inactivity fee
  • Fractional shares - invest from $1
  • Bank transfers from $10
  • Unlimited instant trades
  • 24/7 live support
  • Funds protected by the FSCS up to £85,000
  • Practice account
  • Possibility to suggest new companies and instruments
  • Dividends are paid directly to your Trading 212 account balance
  • Awesome YouTube channel with educational videos
  • Robo trading with ProQuant


  • Cannot be used in the USA and Canada
  • Currency conversion rate 0.5% for Trading 212 CFD (Not charged on Trading 212 Invest)

Read Trading 212 FAQ

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