Ultimate work from home productivity tool - ClickUp review

ClickUp is a project management and productivity platform that includes everything you need to efficiently organize and manage any kind of project, especially if you are working remotely. You have to-do lists, Kanban boards, documents, spreadsheets, calendars, chat, charts, integrations, and many other things collected in one app. There is no need to maintain the knowledge base across a thousand folders and apps.

I have tried Jira, Trello, Asana, Notion and so many other platforms professionally and for personal projects. In my opinion, ClickUp is the best tool for increasing productivity and organizing tasks at the moment. Read more to find out why!


ClickUp is structured in a way that you can create a workspace (for a whole application/project for example) and within each workspace you can add spaces for different teams or different sub-projects. Each space can have its own template and layout. Each space contains its own documentation, chats, boards, checklists, etc.

The first thing you notice is, of course, the beautiful interface: their design team is doing a great job! Also, the main focus of the app is on the collaboration and easy project management, which is so intuitive and boosts productivity. You can invite people to a workspace, collaborate on creating and reviewing tasks, and chat with them in real-time. For example, it can be extremely useful for freelancers, who can invite their clients and show their progress and receive continuous feedback.

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The boards can be adjusted with the views, which you prefer. For instance, I really like Kanban boards and I tend to use them for every project, but you have a vast choice of views at your disposal.

Another cool thing about ClickUp is their communication with users. You can access their roadmap and see everything they are planning to work on and you can even vote, which features should be prioritized. They claim to release at least one new feature every single week!


  • Convenient project templates
  • Widgets
  • Integrations: GitHub, Google Drive, Figma, Slack, Zoom and 1000 more
  • Custom task statuses, colors, spaces
  • Great widgets: Gantt chart, Burndown chart, Velocity chart, Workload chart, possibility to embed YouTube videos and more
  • Chats, assigning comments, checklists
  • Automation (e.g rules for assigning specific people when a task's status is changed)
  • Choice of views - Kanban, list, Gantt chart, spreadsheets and more



100MB Storage
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Users


Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Views
Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited Dashboards
Guests and Permissions
GoalsPortfolios, and Custom Fields


2FA and Google SSO
Goal Folders
Custom Exporting
PrivateProtected, and Default Views
All Dashboard Widgets
Extra Guests
All Automations


Custom price
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Contract Review & HIPAA
Increased API Limits
Custom Onboarding
Dedicated Success Manager
Advanced Permissions
Custom SAML
Extra Automations

See full comparison here.


  • Beautiful and clear UI design
  • Easy import of your projects from other platforms like Jira and Asana to quickly and painlessly switch to ClickUp
  • Huge list of integrations, which can be added very easily
  • Real-time collaboration, perfect for remote teams
  • Useful widgets
  • Possibility to customize workspaces, spaces, views, etc
  • A lot of different features in one place


  • A lot of the cool features are available only on paid plans

Photo by Djurdjica Boskovic on Unsplash

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